Fuelled by Plants
Connected through Sound

Rooted in Shamanism

Supported by Neuroscience

My mission is to be in service to Life.


I wish to support others in choosing to live their true lives and to confidently walk their path guided by the intuition and supported by the connection to their True Self, The Spirit, and all our relations.


The tools I use are Sound and Plants - ancient shamanic techniques that were used across the globe during the entire history of humankind. I also follow the latest research and development in neuroscience and a variety of psychocorrective modalities that reinforce what medicine men knew for millenia. 

Over the course of more than 12 years walking the path of Plant Spirit Shamanism and building an ayahuasca retreat in a Peruvian Amazon, I have acquired skills and experience to assist others on their journeys.

In my present-day shamanic practice, I use medicinal plants and sound vibrations to offer Shamanic Sound Healing in Toronto, Canada, healing retreats in Peru and one-on-one coaching worldwide.


That was fun!

One-on-one or group healing through sound, shamanic technique and plant teachers.

My practice integrates both my knowledge of plant spirit shamanism and the use of the sound for healing. I offer one-on-one sessions in my healing studio, group Soundbath +  events and I also host concerts as part of Garnet Mode project. 

Mariya Garnet, Ayahuasca coaching, Ayahuasca counselling

Support in preparation for a therapeutic journey

Personal shamanic work through variety of shamanic techniques

Coaching through integration

Due to delicate nature of this work, please get in touch personally to discuss your individual case.

Please note that I do not provide or give information on how to find ayahuasca ceremonies outside of Peru.

Upcoming Toronto Sound Healing Events


I am forever grateful for the knowledge, experience, and care Mariya has provided to me over the past 5 years. Her strength and committed support has guided me in doing my deepest self work in which life purpose, direction, and fulfillment have been actualized.

Alan Tam
Western Herbalist

I met Mariya when I was living in Peru in 2010. That meeting has blossomed into a deep and trusted sisterhood on the medicine path. My work with Mariya has been a steady support on which I could lean, while I evolved my healing offerings within my own practice. Over the years she has provided sound advice, energetic and spiritual work, sound healing and cleansings that provided me the fortitude to be able to do my work. I am grateful for the day we met.

Deslee Mihalyi

Ritual Facilitator

Moontime & Fertility Specialist

Postpartum Support

Full Moon Circles  

I have been working with Mariya in this context since 2010 and have found that Mariya consistently creates both a beautiful and safe space to help facilitate sometimes challenging personal work. Mariya has a strong voice and her medicine songs have helped guide the way, taking me into deep, important and previously hidden places of and for personal exploration and growth. 

Dani C. 

Please see reviews of my previous work in Peru here.

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