Soviet Russia

I was born in Soviet Russia into a family of young students and I speak 5 languages - Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Portuguese and English.


My mother was born in Siberia and my father was born in Ukraine. When I was 7, my family moved from St-Petersburg, Russia to Kharkov, Ukraine, where I grew up, finished school and entered University. And in the year 2000 immigrated to Canada.

My contact with the spirit world begun during the visit to the sacred lake Baikal in Siberia, while on an island Olkhon - the energetic centre of Siberian Shamanism. 


The journey then led me to India, where I participated in several ayahuasca ceremonies for the first time. Following the encounter with the medicine, my life took an unexpected turn and first I moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I continued working in ceremony with Huni Kuin people; and then came to the Amazon rainforest outside of the city of Pucallpa, Peru.


Amazon and Siberia

In the year 2008 I moved to Peru full time where I continued my apprenticeship with mestizo curanderos Enrique Paredes and Reyna Edery, by undergoing strict plant dietas sometimes lasting a full month in isolation of a small hut in the rainforest.


In 2013 I co-founded Canto Luz Centre for Research and Cultural Preservation -  a project dedicated to environmentalism, preservation of ancient healing traditions and sustainable living.

I went through a process of crowdfunding Canto Luz and building an off-grid treehouse retreat in the virgin Amazon rainforest. While a Director of Canto Luz I facilitated the flow and integration of both retreats and community outreach projects that Canto Luz facilitates.

I was also working as an ayahuasquera ( healer ) in all of our ceremonies alongside Reyna Edery.

Simultaneously, I am too connected to my own Siberian lineage and the work of Buryat shamans of the Baikal region where I studied the techniques of throat singing which I use in ceremony.


Integrated shamanic practice

In 2017 I moved back to Canada and stepped out of my active role in Canto Luz in order to concentrate on my family life and personal practice.


Over the course of last 10 years of apprenticeship and building my own practice I have assisted thousands of people coming through my ceremonies. 
Having strong Eastern roots and deep knowledge of the Amazon, as well as being connected to North American traditions, have allowed me to develop my own approach to medicine work based on self-accountability, intentionality and clear language accessible to everyone.

With the number of ayahuasca ceremonies on the rise in the western world, there is a strong need for responsible and ethical approach to use of the entheogens.


At this moment of my journey, I focus on assisting the medicine's flow into the cultures which are new to it and adjustment of the ancient practice for the future world's paradigm. I use the shamanic skills that I have acquired during my 10 year work with ayahuasca to facilitate sound healing in my home healing studio.




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